Aim for the highest diagnostic performance

SCANORA® 3Dx is a cone beam CT imaging device aimed for contemporary practices that offer multi-specialty treatment services. It helps ENT (ORL) and dento-maxillofacial surgeons to make accurate diagnostics, precise treatment planning for implant, ENT and oral surgery, and efficiently follow up on the treatment. 

We’ve built SCANORA® 3Dx with the patient in mind, managing to balance excellent image quality with low radiation doses. The design supports convenient patient positioning and easy workflow. Compared to the sister unit SCANORA® 3D, the 3Dx offers a greater variety of field-of-view options, from small highlight scans to large, overall head and neck imaging.

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  • Wide variety of FOV’s accommodate multiple application areas in the Head & Neck region
  • FOV size can be optimized to avoid radiation sensitive organs
  • FOV can be freely located thanks to motorized movements of chair and chin rest
  • Open software architecture allows you to choose the best solution according to your needs and preferences
  • Variety of software options available from SOREDEX
  • Optional CCD - RealPAN™ sensor for high quality dental panoramic imaging, with AutoSwitch™ 2D/3D mode change (no manual sensor change)


  • Intuitive and simplified clear touch control panel for straightforward operation
  • Scout images help you to position the 3D volume exactly where you want it 
  • Seated patient with head in normal, upright position
  • Compatibility with leading image-guided surgical navigation systems (IGS)



  • DICOM®/PACS compatibility for  integration with 3rd party software and information sharing
  • Higher spatial resolution enables you to visualize bony structures in finer detail than in conventional CT 
  • Compared to conventional CT, you gain lower cost of purchase, commissioning, maintenance and use 
  • Rigid construction with small footprint


Selection of FOV's for variety of diagnostic tasks

  • Six, plus two optional, fields-of-view from 50 x 50 mm to 240 x 165 mm
  • Standard and high resolution available for optimizing the protocol according to diagnostic task (ALARA principle)
  • Fully motorized chair and chin rest movements 

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Low Dose 3D imaging made easy

  • Cone beam technique
  • FOV and resolution freely selectable according to region of interest (ROI)
  • Adjustable mA
  • Innovative reconstruction algorithm SARA™
  • Pulsed x-ray generation

You can make your work easier 

  • 12” HD clear touch control panel with just the right buttons to press
  • Self-explanatory program selection symbols
  • Scout image program, images displayed on control panel
  • Short scanning and reconstruction times
  • AutoSwitch™ 3D/2D (panoramic imaging is an option)  


Well-being of your patients is the point

With SCANORA® 3Dx the radiological examinations, case planning, treatment acceptance and follow-up, can be cared for in one location. Wide variety of FOV’s and resolutions ensure that ALARA principle can be followed without compromises. This is good news for your patients.

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3D imaging parameters

Scan time 18 - 34 s
Effective exposure time 2.4 - 6 s
3D image receptor type Flat panel a-Si

Dedicated panoramic imaging (Optional)

Adult panoramic program  
Child panoramic  
Five partial segments  
Lateral TMJ program  

X-ray generator

Tube Fixed anode tube
Focal spot  0.5 mm
Target angle 15 degrees
kV 60-90
mA 4-10


Weight 310 kg (690 lbs)
Dimensions (HxWxD)

1973 mm × 1600 mm 
× 1400 mm
(77.7” × 63” × 55.1”)

Power requirements

Line voltage 220-240V / 100-120V (50/60Hz)

FOV (H x D) 50 x 50 mm

Voxel sizes Std res 0.15

Voxel sizes High res 0.1

Name S

Application examples Single implants, wisdom tooth, localized problems, endo

FOV (H x D) 50 x 100 mm

Voxel sizes Std res 0.4

Voxel sizes High res 0.2

Name S+

Application examples Maxilla or mandible, implants, drill guides

FOV (H x D) 80 x 100 mm

Voxel sizes Std res 0.25

Voxel sizes High res 0.15

Name M

Application examples Maxilla or mandible, implants, temporal bones

FOV (H x D) 80 x 165 mm

Voxel sizes Std res 0.35

Voxel sizes High res 0.15

Name M+

Application examples Both temporal bones, jaws and TMJ's

FOV (H x D) 140 x 100 mm

Voxel sizes Std res 0.35

Voxel sizes High res 0.25

Name L

Application examples Sinuses, cervical spine

FOV (H x D) 140 x 165 mm

Voxel sizes Std res 0.3

Voxel sizes High res 0.2

Name L+

Application examples Sinuses, orthognathic surgery, ENT

FOV (H x D) 180 x 165 mm (optional)

Voxel sizes Std res 0.5

Voxel sizes High res 0.3

Name XL

Application examples Trauma, facial and orthognathic surgery

FOV (H x D) 240 x 165 mm (optional)

Voxel sizes Std res 0.5

Voxel sizes High res 0.3

Name XL+

Application examples Trauma, facial and orthognathic surgery
SCANORA® 3Dx top dimensions SCANORA® 3Dx side dimensions

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