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Clean-cut intraoral diagnostics. On a plate.

DIGORA™ Optime UV unit is the most concise, advanced modern intraoral imaging system to date. Continuing in the footsteps of the original DIGORA™, the Optime UV unit combines a 20-year legacy with the best and the latest in intraoral imaging. Our unique ultraviolet disinfection technology takes imaging hygiene to new heights.

Simplicity is the key

Even with the standout technology, using DIGORA™ Optime UV is a walk in the park. The system features a clear graphic display for straightforward use, super fast processing and easy, efficient network sharing. Uncompromised image quality, hands on care.


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  • Sharp, clear images for all intraoral needs in just seconds, automatically and repeatedly
  • Straightforward graphical interface for smooth workflow and clear information
  • Familiar, film-like workflow
  • Cost-effective sharing between operatories over a local network
  • Front loading support hygiene and allows touch-free operation without need to press any buttons


  • Thin and flexible imaging plates (PSP) valued for patient comfort
  • Automated functions for correct operation and optimal results
  • Repeatable image quality, automatically without exception
  • Internal UV disinfection system inactivates viruses and bacteria on the plate transport mechanism
  • Loading of imaging plates is easy, no adapters needed, scanning process is 100 % automatic


  • Design endorsed by 20 years of DIGORA® legacy
  • Durable imaging plates and genuine SOREDEX® hygiene accessories
  • Robust construction with small footprint
  • Proven reliability and long service life

Image in a snap

  • High quality images are displayed in just seconds, repeatedly and automatically
  • Processing speed is not dependent on image resolution
  • Clear animated user interface makes DIGORA™ Optime unit quick and easy to learn

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All intraoral imaging needs fulfilled with ease

  • Compatible with all intraoral sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and Comfort Occlusal™4C
  • DIGORA™ imaging plates are thin, flexible, cordless and high wear resistant
  • Patented IDOT™ imaging plate identification system (optional)

New standard for end-to-end hygienic operation

  • Opticlean™ hygiene concept
  • Smart and automated internal UV disinfection
  • Genuine, high-end SOREDEX™ hygiene accessories
  • Touch-free operation

See an independent clinical study and proof of the efficiency of our UV disinfection:
» Clinical Study

Unbeatable experience in easy and safe imaging

SOREDEX™ intraoral imaging systems are built on the strongest experience in the market. Designed for people since 1994,  DIGORA™ Optime unit improves workflow in the dental office with considerable time-saving in the imaging process. Excellent clinical results repeated time after time, fast operation and the overall proven reliability of DIGORA™ Optime ensure that you can concentrate in the essential – treating your patient.

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Tech talk

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DIGORA® Optime DXR-50 001 technical data

Pixel size, selectable30 μm (Super), 60 μm (High)
Bit depth14 bits grayscale
Resolution17 lp/mm true resolution
Readout time4.3 - 7.5 seconds
ConnectionEthernet 1 Gb compliant
DXR 50 Classification IEC60601-1- Class 1 equipment
- Continuous operation
- IPX0 (enclosed equipment without protection against ingress of liquids)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 190 mm x 200 mm x 383 mm (7.5’’ x 7.9” x 15.1’’)
Weight9.8 kg (21.6 lbs)
Operating voltage100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating currentLess than 1.3 A
Operating environment +10°C – +40°C, 30 – 90 RH%, 700 – 1060 hPa

Workstation PC requirements*

Operating systemWindows® 7 and 8, Windows® Vista
 * For full details on supported PC requirements, please contact your local distributor for the latest information.

Software compatibility

Patient name on unit displayDIGORA® for Windows® 2.7 and SCANORA® 4.3
Comfort Occlusal™ 4C compatibility and UV disinfectionDIGORA® for Windows® 2.7, SOREDEX® TWAIN 3.2, SCANORA® 4.3 
 (Consult your local SOREDEX® distributor for compatible 3rd party sw-applications).
Sizes 0, 1, 2 & 3 imaging + Touchless operationDIGORA® for Windows® 2.6, SOREDEX® TWAIN 3.0, SCANORA® 3.2.1
(Consult your local SOREDEX® distributor for compatible 3rd party sw-applications).

…Sofware compability


DIGORA® for Windows® (and CliniView XV for the North American market) offer a comprehensive set of imaging tools to assist you with your daily imaging needs. 

Total flexibility is yours with either single-user or the optional network version. Optional DICOM® services integrate DIGORA® Optime into a PACS/DICOM® environment seamlessly. SOREDEX® TWAIN integrates DIGORA® Optime with 3rd party software supporting the TWAIN standard. In addition to SOREDEX® software, DIGORA® Optime can be integrated with many practice management and 3rd party imaging softwares. 

DIGORA® Optime has a simple to use, standard Ethernet connection to a PC or the network. With SOREDEX’s 30 years of experience in developing state of the art dental 
imaging systems, DIGORA® Optime provides you with a small, smart, fast and visually guided intraoral digital imaging plate system - continuing the pioneering tradition of the famous DIGORA® family.

DIGORA™ Optime UV top dimensions

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