SORCOM software

Make the connection to your PACS

SORCOM is a simple DICOM bridge software. It allows you to connect SOREDEX® 2D devices into DICOM/PACS environments.

The software communicates between SOREDEX® 2D devices and DICOM’s Modality Worklist and storages, enabling uninterrupted flow of images and patient information from your imaging system to your image archives.

Quick bridge to DICOM archive

  • SORCOM enables SOREDEX hardware to function as DICOM imaging modalities
  • SORCOM can store 12 or 16-bit grayscale images to a DICOM archive using DX or CR modalities
  • Images may be reviewed on a radiology workstation using 3rd party DICOM software.
  • DICOM Conformance Statement for SORCOM 3.1.5 can be downloaded here:

DOWNLOAD Conformance Statement


  • Retrieve patient information from the Modality Worklist
  • Acquire images from a SOREDEX 2D device
  • Send images and patient information to a DICOM storage archive

Preview function enables:

  • Image cropping
  • Density/contrast adjustment
  • Image and anatomic orientation controls
  • Mirroring
  • Image comments
  • Grayscale histogram display

SORCOM is a single Application Entity (AE) which supports the following Service Classes:

  • Verification
  • Storage SCU
  • Basic Worklist Management SCU

Easy and safe transfer of images to PACS

SOREDEX 2D devices are well connected to PACS environments through SORCOM. View your images on a radiology workstation using 3rd party DICOM software. SORCOM is easy-to-use and makes the image transfer workflow an effortless experience.

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