SCANORA™ Software

Intuitivity on your screen

SCANORA® software is our leading software platform for your everyday imaging needs. It’s easy, straightforward workflow helps in day-to-day image acquisition, processing, diagnostics and treatment planning.

SCANORA® software is extensible with integrated support for OrthoGo™ cephalometric analysis software and OnDemand3D™ for Cone Beam CT imaging. An open architecture and extensive DICOM support enables integration in modern healthcare environments. All panoramic, cephalometric, intraoral X-ray and camera images are easily shared with patients or clinicians using SCANORA® Lite, our free image viewer. SCANORA® brings the SOREDEX experience to your desktop in 21 languages.

Tailored for your needs

  • Customizable “Image folder”-based image organization for each patient
  • Flexible search system for locating images based on complex search criteria 
  • Automatic brightness calculation based on contrast (Auto Brightness)
  • Customizable toolbars to tailor the end-user experience

All you need for your daily image management

  • Comprehensive set of tools for image capture and image management
  • Optimized, flexible image capture workflow to suit your practice
  • Modality-based image capture settings and filters enable fine-tuning image appearance
  • Freely-distributable image viewer for patients and referring clinicians
  • Extensive implant library from leading manufacturers
  • High-precision 16-bit image processing of radiographic images


Path to successful data sharing

  • Extensive DICOM support for integration into healthcare environments
  • Integrated Cone Beam 3D workflow with OnDemand3D™
  • Open Architecture supports third party 3D treatment planning
  • Export patient images with SCANORA® Lite free viewer
  • Flexible printing options


Flexible image processing filters and tools

  • Region-of-Interest (ROI): magnification, magnification + equalization, equalization only
  • Modality-based automatic image processing filters, fully user customizable
  • Multiple types of image sharpening including unsharp mask
  • Multiple types of edge enhancement
  • Iso-density and colorization

Measurements and drawing tools

  • 2D implant planning library
  • Length and angle measurements
  • Calibrated measurements based on reference markers
  • Freehand and shape drawing
  • Text annotation

Flexible printing

  • Supports Windows-based printers
  • Supports DICOM printers (optional)
  • 1:1 (true size) printing with calibrated images
  • Multi-image printing
  • Customizable header and footer
  • WYSIWYG print layout and preview
  • Add your own logo to prints

Experience SCANORA® software first-hand

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SCANORA® DICOM Conformance statement can be downloaded here.

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