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Head to new heights with your imaging

SCANORA® 3D is a cone beam tomography and optional 2D panoramic imaging system in one. Built for practices offering multi-specialty treatment services, the SCANORA® 3D is a compact package. It helps clinicians to perform accurate diagnostics, precise treatment planning for implant, ENT and oral surgery, and perform follow up examinations on the treatment.

We’ve built SCANORA® 3D with the patient in mind, managing to balance excellent image quality with low radiation doses. The design supports convenient patient positioning and easy workflow.

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  • Patient seated for added stability during exposure
  • Clear, self-explinatory symbols in the control panel, quick to learn and operate
  • Laser lights make FOV positioning fast and accurate
  • Fully motorized chair and chin rest for FOV positioning without moving the patient


  • Excellent image quality in both 3D and 2D
  • Fast scanning times, 10 to 26 seconds depending on selected FOV
  • Less than 1-minute reconstruction time for greater efficiency


  • Optional RealPan™ CCD sensor for high quality 2D panoramic images with correct imaging geometry, no manual sensor change thanks to AutoSwitch™
  • Powerful software tools and features
  • Compatible with leading image guided surgery navigation systems
  • Small footprint


Superior versatility

  • Up to four fields-of-view accommodate a vast array of diagnostic tasks, from single implant planning to wide-range head, neck and ENT imaging
  • 3D images produced directly in DICOM®, supporting open software architecture

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Easy selection of 3D resolutions

  • Selecting the 3D resolution is straightforward, based on your region of interest and diagnostic task
  • Standard resolution enables fast imaging with low dose
  • High resolution provides improved accuracy, with only a slight increase the imaging time and dose
  • ALARA principle in action, always
FOV (Height x diameter)       Resolution   Voxel size (mm)    Scan / Exposure time (s)Total image processing time approx. (minutes)
3D Small
6x6 cm
Standard0.2013 / 31
High0.13320 / 4.52
3D Medium
7.5x10 cm
Standard0.3011 / 2.51
High0.2016 / 3.752
3D Large
7,5x14,5 cm
Standard0.3510 / 2.251
High0.2513 / 32
13x14.5 cm
Standard0.3520 / 4.52
High0.2526 / 64

Smooth workflow thanks to well-though-out details

  • Large ClearTouch™ control panel with clear, simple selections makes operation easy
  • AutoSwitch™ enables you to change between the panoramic and 3D modes at the touch of a key, without having to change sensors manually
  • Short scan and image reconstruction times ensure a fast imaging process

Your patient in the center of care

SCANORA® 3D enables high-end imaging with minimized radiation doses. Automatically optimized exposure ensures patient safety and convenience. Designed for people, SCANORA® 3D combines imaging safety with reliability, and helps you to make the right diagnosis that will untimately speed up the treatment time.

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3D image receptor

Receptor typeCMOs Flat Panel
Receptor active area124 mm x 124 mm
Pixel size200 µm

Panoramic imaging programs (Optional)

Adult panoramic program 
Pediatric panoramic program 
TMJ programs 

X-ray generator

TubeFixed anode tube
Focal spot0.5 mm IEC 60336
Target angle5 degrees


Weight310 kg (690 lbs)
Dimensions (H x W x D)1973 mm x 1600 mm x 1400 mm
(77.7" x 63" x 55.1")

Power requirements

Line voltage230-240 VAC (±10 %), 50/60 Hz
SCANORA™ 3D top dimensions SCANORA™ 3D side dimensions

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