Elevate your practice dynamics to a new level

CRANEX® 3D sets the standard for modern high quality dental imaging. Versatile panoramic 2D/3D, combined with Cone Beam 3D and cephalometric options, makes day-to-day imaging easy, accurate and adjustable.

Embracing your professional ambitions

Built for contemporary dental care, the CRANEX® 3D’s fresh, compact design supports stable patient positioning, efficient workflow and precise diagnoses. This is dynamic imaging at a whole new level.

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  • Optimized daily workflow, quick turnaround of patients
  • FOV location and resolution freely selectable based on region of interest (ROI)
  • Superior image quality for accurate diagnostics and predictable treatment planning
  • Highly sensitive CMOS sensor technology
  • Adapts to your changing needs



  • Clear control panel with self-explanatory symbols
  • Familiar SOREDEX patient positioning system
  • Automated exposure settings further speed up imaging workflow
  • Scout program enables accurate 3D positioning
  • Compact with small footprint


  • Robust system designed for intensive use
  • Renown SOREDEX® patient positioning system and accessories
  • Reliable SOREDEX® technical and clinical support 
  • Upgradeability bring added value in the long run


Stable, accurate and comfortable patient positioning

  • Rigid 5-point positioning with motorized chin rest for 3D imaging
  • Easily adjustable, self-locking temple supports
  • Laser lights for accurate 2D and 3D positioning 
  • Imaging in standing and sitting positions

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Built for successful imaging

  • 2 FOV’s to choose from, 6 x 4 cm and 6 x 8 cm 
  • ClearTouch™ control panel
  • AES - Automatic Exposure Settings based on patient size
  • ACS - Automatic Collimator Selector for easy switching over imaging programs
  • EasyScout™ view for accurate FOV positioning
  • SARA™ - SOREDEX Advanced Reconstruction Algorithm
  • SMAR™ - SOREDEX Metal Artefact Reduction

Learn more about accurate treatment planning and diagnostics with 3D

Share your images with ease

  • Image data is in DICOM® format, supporting open software architecture
  • Available with complete, ready-to-use imaging software package (SCANORA®, OnDemand3D™)
  • Freedom to choose the most suitable software solution for your needs

Boost your practice performance with optimized imaging 

CRANEX® 3D enables high-end imaging with minimized radiation doses. Automatic exposure values optimizes patient dose for better safety and convenience than ever. Easy upgrade path is ready, when your diagnostic needs expand. Designed for people, CRANEX® 3D combines imaging with safe performance and reliability, and helps you concentrate on what really matters—your patient

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Tech talk

Subject to change without notice

Panoramic imaging

Sensor typeCMOS
Imaging programsAdult panoramic, child panoramic, bitewing, sectional,
TMJ lateral, TMJ PA and sinus

Cephalometric imaging

Sensor typeCMOS
Imaging programsFull width and child lateral, PAIAP and carpus projection (*
(* Not available in US)

3D imaging

Sensor typeCMOS Flat Panel
XS FOV (height x diameter)61 x 41 mm
High resolution scan time exp/scan6.1 s/10 s
Standard resolution scan time exp/scan2.3 s/10 s
Midi FOV (height x diameter)61 x 78 mm
High resolution scan time exp/scan12.6/20 s
Standard resolution scan time exp/scan4.9/20 s

Configuration options

Panoramic + Ceph (left/right) 
Panoramic + 3DMidi FOV optional
Panoramic + 3D + Ceph (left/right)Midi FOV optional

X-ray generator

GeneratorHigh frequency DC generator
Focal spot0.5mm
Minimum total filtration3.2 mm Al
Anode voltage57-90 kV
Anode current4-16 mA


Weight200 kg (440 lbs)
Weight with Ceph250 kg (551 lbs)
Dimensions (HxWxD)2414 x 965 x 1405 mm
Dimensions with Ceph2414 x 1995 x 1405 mm

Power requirements

Line voltage220-240V / 100-120V (50/60Hz)

Computer requirements


2.5 GHz dual core or better

Memory requirements

3GB or more


500 GB or more

Graphics (GPU) and display

GPU delivered with CRANEX 3D, GeForce GTX 460 1GB or equivalent

Minimum 1680 x 1050 pixels, 32-bit


Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T


Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP1


USB port, Mouse, Keyboard, CD/DVD-R/RW drive

CRANEX™ 3D top dimensions CRANEX™ 3D side dimensions

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